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A Note from Judy | My Mother-in-Law

In the thirty years that I came to know my mother-in-law, I came to know a kind-hearted woman whose love and generosity overflowed to those around her. I remember one time when we went to the market together. After making a few purchases, we visited another vendor selling the same items for less–a discovery that quickly upset me. However, Mom did not seem to be bothered, and rather told me, “You have to let the vendor make a profit.” She was able to view the situation from the vendor’s perspective and impart upon me a lasting memory of kindness and grace.

Throughout the years, Mom never lectured at us–however if we paid attention to what she expressed in her own subtle, but persistent way, we had no difficulty in understanding her opinion or preference. She often conveyed her love and care through food–our children, Evangeline, Hilary, and Zachary recollect Grandma constantly asking them to eat more–whether it was at mealtime, tea-time, Milo-time, or late-night suppertime… of course with Chinese herbal soup! They even had to think of ways to convince Grandma that they were, in fact, truly full–because they knew that she would encourage them to have another bowl of soup or a cup of milo, even after yet another impeccable meal! All these memories are so fondly treasured in our family, especially when shared over a hot cup of Milo!

Mom’s legacy can be found in more than just the memories that we share–it is also evident in this family. Even as we will sorely miss her presence, those of us who have the eternal hope in Christ know that this parting is only temporal. My prayer and hope is that the kindness of Mom will continue to live on in this family for the generations to come. For that is her legacy.

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  1. Bill & Kam See Fung December 27, 2012 at 4:45 am # Reply

    Dear Judy,

    Thank you for sharing on your mother-in-law as well as the eternal hope that we have as followers of Christ.
    Yes, trust that kindness and grace will continue to be remembered and modeled after for many generations to come! Kam See

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