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2012 Photos

 photo6Judy with her sister and mother visiting old church friends at their first church (where Judy also had her first piano lessons)!  |  Taipei, Taiwan

photo4Zac with a student at the Huiming School for the Blind  |  Taichung, Taiwan

photo3Enjoying a delicious meal with old BCCC friends  |  Taipei, Taiwan

photo2Thinking about becoming the next new boy band at Taipei 101  |  Taipei, Taiwan

photoWith childhood friend and sister-in-Christ, Malia, at ORTV  |  Taipei, Taiwan

The guys goofing off at ORTV  |  Taipei, Taiwan

602362_131265580347987_563861559_nZac’s class at the Huiming School for the Blind  |  Taichung, Taiwan

549687_10151113187701182_2092418355_nThe BCCC Cambodia Missions Trip Team  |  Phnom Penh, Cambodia

leejahsite3Hilary and new friends, counting down to 2012  |  Phnom Penh, Cambodia

leejahsite8Worship time by the pond before the baptism  |  Phnom Penh, Cambodia

leejahsite5Students and teachers of SYME, where Hilary taught for 2 months  |  Taichung, Taiwan

leejahsite4Hilary and Sunny with Pastor Paul Chang and a co-worker at the CNEC office|  Singapore

542347_4521671244906_1561414727_nSunny and Zac boarding a speedboat  |  Bali, Indonesia

399694_4521671364909_623875000_nAnd away they go!!!!  |  Bali, Indonesia

305189_4521672364934_801236387_nSunny with John and Clare, two of his siblings  |  Bali, Indonesia

217962_4521670604890_1727918668_nThe guys have a photo op  |  Bali, Indonesia

424610_4521441199155_657453224_nAbout to embark on a white water rafting adventure!  |  Bali, Indonesia

556848_110661032408442_913256337_nAmazingly, we didn’t capsize!  |  Bali, Indonesia

403531_108355199305692_1757065908_nLoving the beaches of Bali!  |  Bali, Indonesia

527633_108344225973456_2131236920_nEnjoying a delicious Balinese dinner on the beach–mhmmmmmmm! |  Bali, Indonesia

550900_108328162641729_214854266_nEvangeline, never missing a jumping photo opportunity!  |  Bali, Indonesia

600219_108338305974048_1888619244_nMonkey see. Monkey do.  |  Bali, Indonesia

Hilary, hanging out with grad-school friends from CCM  |  Cincinnati, OH

Hilary, attending a masterclass with Angela Cheng at The MasterWorks Festival  |  Winona Lake, IN

Evangeline and her roomies!  |  Glendale, California

223071_10151057548223227_139505775_nEvangeline, celebrating the wedding of two friends!  |  Orange County, California

376561_10102247679264670_2002417059_nFriend time!  |  Burbank, California

534117_10102625228368240_743893330_nEvangeline and The Conquerors of the Eaton Canyon hike!  |  Pasadena, California


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