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A Note from Evangeline

2014 was the year of the “normal job”, too many attempted DIY projects, the first mortgage payment, ziploc upon ziploc of Grandma’s dumplings, an unfinished half-marathon, becoming the least app-saavy app designer, and the first Christmas in LA.

While these highlights serve to encapsulate my whirlwind of a year, I wish I could share with you why each mention bears such weight (and in some cases, hilarity!) as I reflect upon the year. Unfortunately that would take too much time… so here’s my invitation for you to come visit LA, help me warm my new home, and grab a cup of coffee. Perhaps we could go to my favorite neighborhood cafe (the one with the “twinkle lights” and homey decor) and I could share with you how 2014–with all it’s ups and downs–was a year of uncertainty, humility, but ultimately, hope. (Ah, so many stories to share!)

Thus, it is with anticipation that I welcome the new year, encouraged by a deeper understanding of God’s faithfulness, patience, and care. May that be the same for you, as well.

Cheers to 2015!

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